it's Sunday, it's awfully warm

That's all you really need to know, I think.
Oh, wait...Youngest spent the day in the company of a very famous artist (and four other people) working on a fascinating project and did not know who the artist was all the while they worked. It was generational, not ignorance, and as soon as he had a moment he googled and then was completely blown away. As was I. I think my mouth hung open when he told me.

The CEO returns next week. He's been away for quite a while and I'm looking forward to working with him again. I'm preparing a big presentation for Thursday which will be followed by an ice cream sundae party.

And I've begun preparations for my business trip to Germany in October (only 100 days away the website reminds me). We'll stay in our quirky German hotel and eat what has become my favorite kind of breakfast and work hard. And I'll love it all.

It's really too warm for me. 90 and above nearly every day has me cranky and lazy-feeling. I've binge-watched Catastrophe, some of Veep, and Louis CK. I highly recommend Catastrophe.

Some links for you to peruse in your air-conditioned room:

I have 40 items (from different shops) in my Etsy cart. I'm hoping someone I know will purchase one of those big blousy linen smocks and report back so I know about the quality and shipping time.

How God created animals.

I have been patiently waiting for the Corpse Flower to bloom. Maybe tomorrow.

Look at these amazing fish bowls.

Everyone has seen this but I cannot resist.

You could put down your phone.

I had one! (I don't remember this commercial.)

The bears are out and providing great viewing.
Sometimes I imagine sitting in that river.
It looks nice and cool.


Paola said…
I love Youngest.
And Michelle Obama.
Alaska sounds just about wonderful right now. It's HOT.
Duyvken said…
An ice-cream sundae party sounds wonderful! What bits and bobs will you be getting to add to the ice cream?
I love hearing about your boys's adventures - what a thing!
kmkat said…
I love the bears. Every year I slap a bookmark on my toolbar so I can watch them.

I was knitting whilst watching Michelle Obama's speech last night. Got so engrossed I stopped doing yo, k2tog in the middle of a row and just knit. I will miss her.
Anonymous said…
Gosh, those bear cams are great. I like the Panda Cam at the National Zoo, too.
Was the famous person nice? I get the impression they were.
Germany! I'm a bit envious.
Leweyb said…
He also liked having a phone brought to the table. Back in those days, before cellphones, they brought a phone to the table and plugged it in for you to accept or place that "can't wait" call.

As his eldest son I had the opportunity a handful of years ago to bring a few coworkers out after a big new product launch, (I too, a salesman). It took a palmed fifty to get a table and the food was amazing. It was a memorable night, and I kept thinking of our dad. If you ever met him you'd know what a humble awesome individual he was, and he is missed.
Poppy B. said…
uccccchhhhhh it's hot all over the world. I thought Vienna would kill me but it was ten degrees hotter in Chicago. uccccchhhhhh.

Did you know the new Gilmore Girls promo features a corpse flower? How did they know?