summer report with links and things

The CEO is out of the office for a good part of the summer.
If you work with me you know about that, if you don't that's all I'll really say.
All is quite well but it does mean that I probably won't go in for those half-day Fridays though I will probably sit around with my laptop.
One of the things I'm doing in his absence is looking at real estate as our office will be moving.

25 Broadway

I've seen some very nice spots...

basement One NY Plaza

and some not so nice places. It's hard to focus on all of the needs of a company when we think of moving it. One wants to make everyone happy, which is difficult, but we seem to be moving forward. There are more photos on my flickr pages. No decision yet.

Isn't this a soothing place? I love looking at homes like this, which could not be more different than where I live. Which is not to say my home isn't soothing. It just isn't so white.

Unexpected beauty.

I make and bring lunch to my job all the time but I am terrible at it. What I want is this.

This kills me. I've spent quite a bit of time on Fire Island and the reality of the homes there is not reflected here. I love the way this house looks but it's so clean! Where are the sand covered floors? The mismatched drinking glasses? The plastic nick knacks? And, make no mistake, I'm sure this renovation cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and I know that that adorable Smeg fridge will be rusty in a year (it's very salt-water humid on Fire Island)...and we only wear white! Do I sound a little ranty?

I tried this. I'll report back.

I'm a little obsessed with Daphne Guinness.

I haven't read the Fugly ladies in a while but they are so, so, so good.

Here is the climactic ending to the Post-It war I reported on last week.

I always love McSweeney's lists.

Duyvken's children are captivating.

I find Seth Godin comforting.

I'm dreaming of traveling alone with K. We've had a very hard couple of years and though we are continuing to recover and improve the journey has worn us.

Though I don't write about "current events" I cannot ignore this very intelligent observation about a "tragic accident."

Last weekend I bought some Alba Botanical body lotion with spf 15.  It had a lovely light scent and I was so pleased it had just a little sun protection. On Sunday I slathered it on my arms and legs and felt silky smooth after my shower.
And THEN I had a very uncomfortable allergic reaction. I was covered with an unbearably itchy rash and still am. I've been to the doctor and have been taking a prescription medicine since Tuesday but today I have to go back. I'm allergic to zinc and suspect that's what's done me in. Yesterday, I ordered a long sleeved rash guard. I am very aggravated about it.

Family report:

K awaits being called in to the company where he's been freelancing. We exercise patience EVERY DAY.

Oldest has been away in the mountains helping his uncle at his cabin. He came home happily exhausted.

Middle and his girlfriend took me for drinks last night. An unexpected treat. I love them together.

Youngest has an interview today. Send a thought up to the universe today, won't you?

It is damp and cool and a little bit gloomy here. I don't dislike it.


Anonymous said…
I completely agree with the too much perfection of that vacation home. Beautiful, but not the way I like my rentals either. There's so much charm in the old rentals, the one we stayed at in the OBX and in Massachusetts had character, not sterility.
Thank you for starting my weekend with thoughtful links. It was just what I needed. I'm sick of reading news and feeling very weary of people right now (too much small talk). This hit the spot.
Kamsarmer said…
The white place has its ups, but reminds me of my mom's obsession with a completely white decor.

Pencil shaving fleurs; lurve them.

Beach place nice, but yes, a tad twee for me.

Lunch looks great, the Post-It notes are wunnerful, and the commentary on the gorilla was superb.

Have been on point with my Da in hospital for the last three weeks. He's better, should be heading home in a few hours, and you helped by helping me think of other things and smiling. Thanks, bb <3
Paola said…
That all white place is just too white. That summer home is NOT a summer home. Those flowers are really pretty. The post-it war, wow. Daphne Guinness, lucky her! The gorilla: I was SO damn aggravated when I read that the mother wouldn't face charges. I mean, the poor gorilla has died because of her lack of attention to her own fugging child. Sometimes I hate you USA. And you know how much I adore you.
Go bb guys! You are all awesome!