We had a nice Father's Day. The guys love buying things for K and this year it was a beer making set-up, a beautiful bottle of his favorite rum and welding gloves.


Because oven mitts just don't cut it.

I was on the train with a famous person!


Lately, I've been into this:


and this, which I cannot recommend highly enough.


I've visited lots of potential office spaces.


Probably my new subway station.


Are you in the mood for some links?
Of course you are....



I want to see what everyone can't travel without. Jen?

Learn about birds.

Craziness. From here via Middle.


She's just a regular looking kid.
And then she opens her mouth.
Stunning, eh?

I'm off like a dirty shirt.



That little girl has me crying.
Anonymous said…
That's one of my dad's sayings--off like a dirty shirt!
That pole game looks vicious.
Who knew AW was so funny? I didn't.
That is the only sexy long beard I believe I've ever seen.
Is it fun or becoming taxing looking for office space? That's a cool subway station.
I had no idea David Sedaris was so fussy. I need a chapstick and a book when I travel. And money.
The bird video came through in stereo because all my windows are open and we have sparrows and finches and blackbirds all making lots of noise.
Poppy Buxom said…
Oh my aging eyes. Is that Christy Turlington?
Anonymous said…
That young girl floored me. Amazing.

Paola said…
Hi Christy! Long time no see.
This little girl has the opera singers' world rocking now. WOW.

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