some videos

So, I just love this one so much.
Remember when we went to Holland?
We're adventurous eaters but I have to say: we had some trouble eating in Holland.
Cheese and meat weren't a problem but the breakfasts and dinners were a little rough. Keep in mind we were on our own in a house - not at a hotel.
It's the accents and personalities that I love. I need some Irish friends.

Here's a moody one for my pal Angela. Gosh, I heart her.

Now, this...

is a rare performance of Creep. Apparently, they aren't comfortable with this song anymore.
I sang this song to someone I thought was my friend. I had moments when I realized she wasn't my friend but I didn't want to believe it. She didn't understand why I was singing it then. She probably does now.
I am a creep, and, when I sang it to her, and now, still, this song is absolutely appropriate for what happened between us.

This gorgeous machine sorts rocks.
I am mesmerized by it.

Adele released a new video. Don't you just love Adele?

It's turned very warm here.
I don't like summer.


Susie Sunshine said…
Awww, breakfast food smothered with syrup, you are VERY fucking special.

Unknown said…
It's turned summer here too, which means we're freezing our asses off. November can't come soon enough! Xo
Paola said…
Let's not talk about summer. OK?
So now I know, if I ever go to The Netherlands, I must bring some food. Just liek the Chinese guests I had last week, they brought a truckload of Chinese cans and bottles. Because you all know how Italian food stinks!
Duyvken said…
That rock sorting machine is completely divine. I will come back to that later when getting the kids to put their lunchboxes in the kitchen and their backpacks in the bedroom is driving me crazy. It has turned very cold here, let's swap.