of course I have links

I have a busy week ahead of me but I've got some great things for you to look at while I work.

They roasted Anthony Bourdain a few years ago. Somehow, I think it's probably more fun to read than it might have been to watch.

Isn't this a nice instagram to wander through?

K and Youngest sent me this and this. On the same day! Middle sent this. Oldest sent me a couple of Wolfmother albums.

On Tuesday I'll be on a boat.

Random video.

Aren't these pretty?

A link FOR Oldest, who is amused by squirrels.

I ordered a pair, did you?

I'm not sure how I feel about anything on this entire site.

Wind walking on Mt. Washington is some scary stuff...nearly as scary as this.

A post-it war!

In which I discover a link to my blog from a very long time ago about which I had been unaware.

The battery in my phone is dead. I could write at least one full post on replacing the phone, but it's too damn boring. Suffice to say: I'll have a new phone in about a week (supposedly) and instagramming will be light.

It's Monday, people, let's make it a good one.


NorahS said…
Oldest should come to my house! We have 5 squirrels in the back yard engaged in a turf war.

Love the post-its.

From the previous post: Congrats to Youngest and to K.
Anonymous said…
You just started my weekend off the perfect way. My feet are up, my coffee is freshly poured and I opened up your post to enjoy the links. Happy weekend!