links for Sunday

Wasn't that the fastest weekend?
I'm counting down to my May 10th departure for Chicago.
I have one more trade show before summer...but first, on the evening of the 14th, I'll join Poppy and Angie and Wendy at Poppy's place for some much needed down-time. I'm very excited.

Speaking of traveling - look at this great tee shirt.

Watch this amazing time-lapse.

And check out this dapper gent.

Anyone can be Frida Kahlo.

Have you tried this bedding planner? I need someone to throw me a bridal so people give us sheets. And a blanket.

I love eggs in any format.

Billed as the most comfortable shoes on earth, these have a huge following.

I would LOVE a Dyson hair dryer. At $400 it's not likely.

Did you hear about Inky the Octopus?

Whilst touring office spaces last week, we saw the new home of this company. Looks like a nice place to work.

We just watched this. I'm exhausted.


Paola said…
Ooooooh I Dyson hair dryer!

You know what to link for us.