quick update

Youngest, who's been slaving over his senior project, will hear if he's received special recognition for it sometime around ten o'clock tonight. SLAVING.

Oldest removed a nice little chunk of his finger with the beautiful little knife his brother bought him in Italy. ER/STITCHES.

K has been workingworkingworking. (Bless)

Middle's former boss was arrested by the FBI. THE F-B-I, PEOPLE.

I spent most of yesterday with the CEO and CFO looking at new locations for our office. The 80th floor of One World Trade and I do not get along.

There's a fire drill this morning at my office and I'm attending a star-studded gala this evening.

Life is a CARNIVAL.


Fingers crossed for Youngest.
Kamsarmer said…
Hey buddy, would you like to buy a watch real cheap?
Paola said…
I'm getting old and I don't come here as regularly as I did. that's BAD.
I went from PRAYPRAYPRAY to OUCH to YEAH to OMFG. It was like watching a movie on fast forwad.
Life is truly a roller coaster.