April 16, 2016


I'm home from working in London last week.
I took a day flight on Saturday and got to the hotel near 10:00pm, dumped my stuff and ran around the corner to Sainsbury's to pick up some apples, cheese, crackers, wine and water and then did an amazing job unpacking, and I mention this as I realized, as I was tucking into my wonderful hotel bed that: the french door in my room did not close completely and it was freezing, that the flags outside the french door were lit until two in the morning, and that my neighbor was snoring loudly all night.
I spoke to the desk clerk in the morning and they moved my room.


My new room was at the top of the hotel and had two great roof windows with a decent view.


It only rained a little bit!

On Sunday I set off for Liberty.
My cabdriver had asked about my plans the night before and told me about this series and it was the perfect thing to watch before I went for my visit.
What a place!




I'm pretty sure it's my favorite London department store. It's like a little jewel box. And, look! A robe I considered had a print!


I did some shopping at Cos which is quickly becoming my shopping mecca and then collapsed back at my hotel to watch some television and have my Sainsbury dinner.

On Monday (yes, I guess this is a little travel log-ish) I had breakfast with the CEO at his uber-comfortable hotel in Knightsbridge and a friendly chat with the concierge there with whom I've built a relationship.
Then I went to Harvey Nichols to buy some of this. My face and eyes were terribly swollen after my flight and one of my coworkers loaned me some and it was a miracle. This is not new, the swollen face after flying, so I was greatly relieved to have found something that helps.

Monday was also my first day of work and the most memorable London dinner I had, at Nopi. We had wonderful small plates and twice-cooked chicken that was fragrant and amazing. And we had a dessert that blew me away (and I don't ever care about desserts!). Strawberries! Roses! A mess. A beautiful mess.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, workworkwork, drinksdrinksdrinks, dinnersdinnersdinners. Last week in London kicked my ass. I did realize, at some point, that I had had surgery eight weeks ago and I tried to rest when I could, but gosh. (I'm fine, just tired.)

I did fall in love with London.


New perforated leather vans/steps of my hotel.


Weird London snacks.


Fabulous UK vehicles.


Gorgeous work environment.


Beautiful walks each day through gorgeous neighborhoods.


But I'm happy to be home.


Katy Murphy said...

London stole my heart when I read about as s girlie, hasn't disappointed either of the times I've been lucky enough to go.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Thank you for this post. I adore London. My next trip will be next summer with Mr. T and these pictures get me super excited.

Paola said...

I need to go back. I must go back. I want to go back!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

London is one of my three favorite places of all my travels.

I adore Sainsburys. We shopped there at least four times in eight days recently.