links for Sunday

I've got to plan my outfits and do laundry and get stuff for work lunches - do you do all that on a Sunday?

Remember when we drank Ribena in Barbados because it was hard to find anything to drink in Barbados? It's strong stuff so we'd water it down - sometimes with gin. In London I bought Ribena Light thinking I wouldn't have to water it down. Wrong. Gosh it's strong stuff. Good ads though.

I'm not good with an umbrella partly because of my hand. A rain hat would be perfect (I hate hoods) and I love this one. Muji used to have a good one but it's gone.

Mysterious stacks of books.

I read a lot of skin-care reviews whilst I was away and had a puffy face. I've always used things I get for free from my friend at Chanel...but I think it might be time to learn what I really require to take proper care of my face. Good thing I'm going to see Poppy in few weeks. She's brilliant.

I've streamlined my makeup look. Foundation powder, bit of blush, black eyeliner, fill in brows and dark lipstick. I tried black lipstick in London but it wasn't the right formula and I'm a little bit afraid of looking like one of those old lady kooks. But very dark wine looks very good on me and I'm determined to try one of these. Probably from Sephora in Chicago!

I've just sold my bicycle. I'll probably not ride one again but look how lovely this Ikea one is.

Please can't someone paint our horribly dingy bedroom?

I've read that some people fall asleep after just a couple of minutes on this site.

Middle sat down on the airplane last week, noticed they were doing a James Bond film festival and realized he had chosen his airline wisely. Then he showed me this.

Do you know I am infatuated with sponges? Now I want these.

Happy Sunday to you.


Poppy B. said…
Welcome back to the States! Your trip sounded fabulous. And all of you being all over the place--how very sophisticated!
Welcome back.

I use Sundays for prep too. I usually know what I'm wearing to work every day (some variation of a black top, black trousers, a blazer or cardigan, flats, and an interesting accessory) and on Sundays I make sure the kitchen is clean, my lunch bag is ready (including utensils, a cloth napkins, and some non-perishable snacks), and that I have some plans for lunches. Tomorrow, it will be hot, so I'm making a salad.
Paola said…
Don't get me started on Sundays. It's my hardest working day of the week.
I can totally see you wearing that shade of lipstick.
Anonymous said…
I'll paint your bedroom in November.
Duyvken said…
That's a similar colour to the one in our bedroom and it makes the space so lovely to be in. Sephora is one of my favourite places. G and I spent an afternoon there recently and had a ball. Came home with some great new brushes for G and a new Laura Mercier foundation too. That IKEA bike is gorgeous. We live in a very hilly neighbourhood so I don't ride much. I should do something about that. I am intrigued by the dark lipstick and would love to see a link to your favourites. xx
Anonymous said…
I catch up on reading on Sundays, but usually dedicate a lot of time to relaxing after church.
The Bond link is addicting. D and G are out of town this weekend, so I think I will binge watch much more of him!
I wish I had someone to advise me on things like make up. The people at counters are no good, they just want to sell things.
Sponges. You always find the NICEST things.