What to say to your adult child who is traveling internationally.

Middle is off, next week, to visit his girlfriend in Florence. She's there for work for a few months. I totally want her job.
Middle does some traveling from time to time but this is his first solo trip to Europe and there's so much to tell him...that I cannot tell him.

What I want to say:
Stay out of airports.
Walk quickly through train stations but not quickly enough to attract attention.
Don't loiter in plazas with tourists.
Stay away from anyone wearing a vest. Or a single glove.
Be grateful if you are asked to go to the private security check before your flight.

What I might say:
Light a candle at church.
Stay hydrated.
Enjoy being alone with S.
Order the risotto.
Learn how to say grazie with fluidity and grace, frequently, without being condescending.
Don't be a tourist.

What I will say:
Have a wonderful time with your wonderful girl.
Come home safely to us.


Poppy B. said…
Yeeesh, I'm with you. Young Master Buxom will be going to Prague this summer.
Jan said…
Ahh, yes. What a world, huh? Still, wonderful.
I'm headed to Amsterdam tomorrow. I think I'll memorize your lists. ;-)
Anonymous said…
How exciting for him!
Why the advice about the single-gloved? I must know.
You've picked the right words. The only words. Blessings on the journey.
kmkat said…
I felt sick when Elder Son emailed to say he had been held up at knife point in the middle of the afternoon in Durban. I can only imagine the maternal terror when an offspring trots off to Europe only weeks after multiple terrorist bombings. Stay calm; his odds are excellent of coming home safe and sound and well-loved.
Duyvken said…
Safe travels! Lighting a candle when you get there is always good, and very comforting for mamas who are back at home. xx
Paola said…
I thought he had come and gone already. Tell him to head south, weather is WONDERFUL!
Although it is all over Italy right now.
I get what you feel, it's like we're a dart board and they're playing.
I look at faces in the street and some of them are truly scary.
But we can't do this.
You made the right choice, just hug him and wish him the best time. Which he'll have. Firenze is AMAZING and to experience it with your partner is wonderful.
He'll have a ball.
If they have time, I'll be so happy to welcome them.