Stayed home from work today to see the doctor.
Doing okay.
Wasting time on my laptop I found so many things to show you.

After researching for hours (over months) on this site, I've decided we need this. We are not ready to live with a foam mattress.

A show about a Japanese underwear store, eh?

How beautiful is this house?

Our love IS here to stay. You should hear me do my impression of this song.

The Warby Parker of swimsuits!

I had dinner with this person last night. Fascinating.

And the fellow sitting next to me told me about this article. Also fascinating.

Do you know about Leia and Lauren? Now you do.

My headphones are falling apart. Look at these!

Mesmerizing is RIGHT.

I'm still buying this. And maybe one of these.

I don't know why, exactly, but I want these.

Tomorrow I start physical therapy anew. I'm doing pretty well but my thumb is in the wrong place and my hand gets very fatigued.

I think it is well and truly spring. Mixed feelings.


Anonymous said…
That porch on that house!
Those babies!
That poet!
(those words!)
That science!
That's the way my mother folded underpants! (I cram all the underpants in a drawer because folding them seems like a waste of my time)
I hope the PT gets your thumb back in the right gear so you can do the things you love and need to do without pain.
Paola said…
Links, always gorgeous. PT does wonders. You know it.
kmkat said…
I will use some of those folding techniques. But the creek under the porch? As lovely as it is now, all I can think about is global warming, increasingly volatile weather patterns, and FLOODING. (Sorry to be such a downer.)