March 5, 2016


I had a good week.
I was very busy at work and was able to stay till 5:00 each day. It wasn't easy and I didn't push myself too much. Tea at 3:00 helped.
It may be my busiest time of year - two foreign trade shows, one US trade show, and three company meetings requiring catering and logistics are mine to manage along with my regular job. I love all of it, still.

Today we go to PT (they are working on K's shoulder and wrist and assessing mine) and food shop as we hope to have friends join us tonight for dinner.


At some point I seem to have hit a thousand followers on my "pleasing" pinterest board. I don't put a lot of time into my boards and mostly everything I pin gets put on that board - or "shoes" but I am a little chuffed.


I got a new computer at work and it is so clear and bright that it hurts mine eyes.
(It's also very nice. I cannot complain.)


It snowed yesterday, perhaps the last snow of the year, but you never know.

This is my favorite piece of my train-ride. I always try to get a picture of the train curving around the water but it never really works.


At home, after my long week, chicken pibil awaited me and the sunset was spectacular.



All the boys are busy and happy and so am I.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'd call this whole post "pleasing."

RW said...

yes the tone of this post was so good. it made me happy to read your words.

Paola said...

I'm reading this now, Monday morning here, and it makes the long week (and weekend!) ahead much more bearable.

Scot said...

Winter sunsets are the best!
Glad you're doing well.