I'm working so hard!
I'm working to stay awake, I'm working hard at my job, I'm working hard to walk fast to my job! It's hard!

This weekend I have a mystery illness. My eyes are swollen. No idea. Can't figure it out and, now that it's Sunday evening, I don't really care - I just want it fixed.*

Last week, K made some fennel pollen sausage (it took us over a year to source the freaking fennel pollen...don't ask) and then went off to work. That's a good thing. But it did mean that the sausage had to be cooked and he had this recipe he wanted me to use. He bought all the ingredients and I put it together on Friday night. It was somewhat complicated.


I can honestly say I think it's the best thing I ever made.
You don't have to have homemade fennel pollen sausage to make it...but it didn't hurt.
My goodness it was amazing.

And, then, right after I finished savoring the amazing meal (I usually love my own cooking) I mentioned that my wrist was catching on my sleeve...and we discovered a stitch that the wonderful PA in Dr. Fancy's office missed.
Youngest held me tight, K grabbed it with tweezers (I had had about 30 stainless steel stitches) and pulled it for me while I cried.


(semi-unrelated photo)

In other news: this guy


walks around my office neighborhood removing signs and tape from the lampposts.
No idea.
He carries a wee tiny knife and I've seen him with some frequency.


Non-sequitur: Youngest is reading Twelfth Night.
Looking forward to the discussion.

Some links:

Listen to Maira!

I read about this hummus at three different places last week. I think I need to make it. Do you suppose I can substitute canned beans?

No one cares how tired you are.

Jokes she tells herself to stave off a nervous breakdown.

Quotes by women in advertising read by men in advertising. 

A new favorite via Youngest.

Are bay leaves bullshit?

Sometimes I swoon over fancy things.

Good evening to you all...I'm off to make some risotto.



Anonymous said…
I recommend you use white beans in the hummus, rather than chickpeas. I like the consistency better. Canned are fine, throw in a pinch of pepper flakes.

This has been your hummus recommendation for the week of March 13.
KPB said…
Maybe your eyes were swollen from the fucking fennel pollen.

I have made the hummus (last week in fact). It is sublime. SUBLIME. Don't use the canned ones, at least for the first time. Keep it special. And don't skimp on the five minutes, it's what makes it transcendental.

I'm loving that banjo tune.
Carol said…
I too wondered if the eye issue was related to the fennel pollen. I always used canned beans as I am unable to deal capably with dried beans, and also, the lazy. I mean, I would rather use my time for other things and my money for other things than ruined pans from bad bean boiling.
Anonymous said…
MY son is doing 12th Night at school! He is playing Antonio!!

I just had to tell you that before I hit the rest of your links.

Poppy B. said…
I wrote my master's thesis on Twelfth Night. I love it.
Poppy B. said…
Oh, and jacquard-woven Hermes is the illest.
Paola said…
Yeah, could it have been the pollen?
Shallow me got transfixed at the Herm├ęs scarf.
Can't remember any link I read before.
Except for the stitch removal. SCARY.
Kamsarmer said…
Ok, here goes:
Love the lowercase tunes
As an eye person, yes, the pollen is the irritant
My girlie was a wonderful Feste in 12th
Hummus....any way you do it just yes