March 25, 2016

Friday evening


These two cuties were at the train station. The boy had made rabbit ears with lots of glitter for the girl - who I don't think was his sister. He was too smitten by her for her to be his sister.

Down on the platform, I waited by these two trader types.


Trousers and blue shirts and fleece vests. It's a look one sees a lot on my train. These guys were talking cars and golf and that's just the kind of conversation that makes me happy to have my headphones.

I commuted with my sweet K this week...


and different combinations of sons.

Oldest and Middle are away this weekend. Not together.
One of Middle's buddies is having a baby in a couple of weeks.
I wasn't sure how I felt about that, when he told me.
There's only one way to feel about that, Mom, Middle said with authority.
You just be happy for them. It's all you can be. Happy.
And, I suppose, Middle is absolutely right.

This guy


had a great backpack, as did this lady -


His was a Coach, but a men's Coach. Great looking.
Hers was a Tumi. Gorgeous.
She was a very buttoned-up lawyer (I read her paperwork, backwards in the reflection of the window) and made some terse phone calls with a pursey-lip face.


On Tuesday evening, I went, I think for the first time in nearly two years, to a charity dinner with my co-workers. We had lots of fun and dressed up and had great hors d'oeuvres which was good because the dinner was pretty terrible. That's my friend J with a glass of sparkling rosé which I point out because she is pregnant and I was just a little thrilled that she let herself have that little glass of sparkling rosé since pregnancies are so damn precious nowadays.

I went to my first PT session at a new place. My beloved PT lady will be working there in a few weeks so I got started with another staff member.
What a difference! It's very quiet and the therapist only works on one person at a time and works on me for 30 minutes. AND I LIE DOWN FOR IT.
I was always envious of those who are massaged and stretched whilst reclining and now I am one of those people. So, it's back to regular PT and exercises for me. The only part I don't like is massaging my scar. I mean, I am much more comfortable doing it without feeling the plate and screws in my wrist but, for some reason, for a thousand reasons, I am very uncomfortable touching it...and it is something I have to get over.

Yesterday, Middle shot the auto show for his Ferrari guy. Aside from seeing and visiting with all the car guys Middle has ever shot for and with, I had noticed that one particular guy, who he knows and has worked with, was also at the show. The truth of it is: I have a wee crush on this guy. He's fascinating to me.
AND he wears a scarf all the time. So I text Middle, and half joking, I say: if you see him, tell him I said hello. So Middle says:


Sadly, he did not tell the guy I said hello. You know, I guess because that would be embarrassing or something.


London is calling me, people.
I'm busy thinking about what to wear and I have some very nice dinner plans.


Paola said...

Those kids. Awwww.
And I love seeing K every now and then.
Of course Middle is right!
I've seen women smoke their asses off while pregnant, yet delivering perfectly sane babies. Now that makes me uncomfortable. Smok can't eb good for anyone. No. But a wee drink like that, which was also accompanied by tasty hors d'oeuvres? Come on!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Middle is right about the baby. That's exactly what my 82 yr old Mom says about the babies of unmarried couples we know.
Oh, the Trader-type guys? My husband could fit right in with that group.. Add in the topic of fishing.
Yes, doctors, especially OBGYN and Pediatricians are making the poor young Moms really paranoid and it is really stressing them out.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I know what you mean about the fear with your hardware. I have the same mental issues with my bad knee. I just don't trust it even though the doctor says it's structurally sound. I still cannot do 100% on that side of things and I've tried and tried to.
Looks like a swell party despite the mediocre food. Love the silvery dress she's wearing. And we all need a tiny bit of wine, no matter what.

kmkat said...

(Prepare for TMI.) I had been seeing a PT last fall for back pain. She was able to help me a lot, until the only pain I was feeling was in the front, lower abdomen. We decided it was scar tissue from two c-sections, and she sent me to a different PT who showed me how to release that scar tissue. Which meant probing around the old incision and pulling it in all directions. Yuk. (But it worked.)

Poppy Buxom said...

Isn't it weird to be creeped out by your own body? I felt that way about my C-section scar. Thankfully it and I have been good friends for about ... well, it will be 21 years in April. Just think--my C-section scar will be old enough to drink!

kim at allconsuming said...

And yet, all these years later, I still adore Middle.