Easter Sunday

We don't really do anything for Easter anymore.
Oldest and Middle are away, Youngest is working hard on his senior project.

I'm sitting, reading, and listening to the news. So much scary news.
I try not to get swept up in the news and am grateful for public radio which is not quite so inflammatory...if that's the right word.

Yesterday I sort of babysat my nephews. One is 15 and didn't need me save for rides to his community church service and the movies but the other is 9 and coerced me into a 7-11 run for a giant multicolored slushy drink and candy, which is exactly what an aunt should do.

Late in the day I realized that he might need to color Easter eggs as his parents were expected to return late last night and hadn't taken care of that bit of celebrating. I think, when my boys were little, there was almost nothing holiday-related that I disliked more. Well, maybe carving pumpkins. Anyway, after finding eggs to buy (back at the cigarette smoke-filled 7-11) I got my shit together, texted his mom to find the vinegar (with the cleaning products, of course!) and got to it. I know there are dozens of recipes for natural egg-dying on line but we had one of those kits which are just as shitty now as they were 25 years ago. Why doesn't someone put out a kit that isn't shitty? I know you know what I mean, and I don't really mean to rant, but geez...the dye gets everywhere, it's precarious at every stage, the colors are completely unfulfilling and boring and it takes too long - the children lose interest very quickly. We left one egg sitting in a mug of dye (probably permanently dying the mug) with the thought of leaving it overnight for a darker color.  The older nephew promised to send a photo of the result.

So, we: built Legos


learned about layering slushee drinks


and colored eggs.


Laundry and PT exercises.


Anonymous said…
You are the best kind of aunt. That is one lucky kid.
We didn't dye eggs this year and my kids didn't even finish hunting for the candy-filled plastic ones I hid last night. Our final Easter in the books I guess.
But they still love the art of a good slushie.
Paola said…
Sounds AWFUL. The dyeing part I mean. And frankly, that slushy scares me a LOT. I am quite sure you could use that to dye whatever yo uwant to.