tales from the office(s)

I'm out this week (short though it may be) as K and I are going to see if we can be helpful to his mom who's having knee surgery tomorrow.
Unfortunately, there's a big conference at my office on Wednesday and Thursday for which I am responsible for the catering for lunch. Fortunately, two of my co-workers will take care of setting up and then cleaning up the food I've ordered for both days. One of them was whining a little about her diet and wishing for some almond butter...so I snuck it into the food order to surprise her. The first order just arrived and I had forgotten all about it.


She texted to thank me and I was tickled to see how happy she was.
I'd say that 95% of the kids I work with are dedicated, hard-working and wonderful.
It's another of the things that makes my office a great place to be.

And, speaking of terrific offices - Youngest was supposed to begin his senior year internship in a week or so but the boss contacted him to see if he'd start earlier. He's working at a great graphic design firm and doing so full-time until next week. He's loving it and is making real contributions to the work the agency is doing - and not by printing and collating but by being a member of the team. The only drawback (and believe me, it was insignificant to Youngest) was that he was forced by circumstance to sit on a folding chair. Never mind, he told me he was thrilled to be in ANY chair. Today he texted that they gave him one of these. I'm totally jealous.

Oldest has been contractor-working his tail off and loving it. Tonight, though, he has a tough gig and I'm trying to encourage him whilst instilling confidence.

And K and Middle? They're shooting at two locations outdoors today. They left in 12f and it isn't much warmer. They're working for the company which used to give K his huge spring project and we are very, very grateful no matter how cold it is.

Stay toasty, friends - there's a big snowstorm in the forecast for the end of the week and I couldn't be more excited.


Poppy B. said…

It was zero this past weekend. Five degrees today. Say no to snow!
Green Girl said…
Good luck in this storm--I've been following it in the news and hope you don't get caught in it.
That's nice news about your men.
Everyone in my office has that chair and we all adore them.

I loved having the snow this past weekend and some extra time off. :-)
Anonymous said…
Justin was an REI employee who made butters for his friends. They encouraged him to start selling his nut butters. You know what he does now? Hell-skis in British Columbia.