Naturally, being snow-bound allows for a lot of computer time.
Of course I have much to share...

One of the best bra stories I've ever read.

Lots to see here - a new site to me.

I love all things Baggu and might buy this little purse (which is cheaper on Amazon, hush).

We all drink lots of Nespresso Pixie Espresso pods at my office and I get weary of hearing people shuffle the pods in the basket to choose a flavor...all day long. This might help.

Everything But The House is amazing! One could purchase a piano for $10.00. Of course, it's $600 shipping but still.

Oh my.

I loved listening to this. Their accents are an added bonus.

This is wicked funny.

Who doesn't love a good Haka?! I cried when the bride did.

Look at this beautiful man.

I follow a hair salon on Flickr. Somehow, they manage to find people's inner personalities.

Have a great week.


Anonymous said…
That is one sharp-dressed, dapper gentleman.
Still enjoying the snow? We had a 2 hour delay this morning, G said, "about time." He feels the snow day is his birthright and is miffed when they don't happen. We only got 5 inches, though.
Paola said…
I am always amazed how a cut can change you. Lovely.
That man, I think he is hip even in his farmer's clothes. It's something you have, not something you wear. IMO.
Scot said…
That Haka was amazing! I've had the privilege of seeing 2 Haka performed right here in Colorado Springs. Once at an Air Force Rugby game(yes they have a rugby team!)It was frightening and primal. The other time was at the the air field at Peterson Air Force base. A New Zealander's coffin was being loaded into a C-130 and we were invited out onto the tarmac to watch the ceremony. It was SO moving I teared up. I spoke to the hurst driver afterwards and he told me that he had been warned it would happen but was in no way prepared for the "challenge", he was noticeably shaken up. It seemed like a challenge to the gods that took their friend. It also reminded me of the ferocity that we keep buried deep down inside of us, until we need it.
I've never seen a wedding Haka, or women participating in one before but I really enjoyed watching it. I had a huge lump in my throat while watching it.

Watch this, it's also amazing.
Poppy B. said…
OK, I'll admit it: I'd never heard of a Haka.

Also, the elderly Japanese gentleman reminded me of my father--a taller, blue-eyed, big-schnozzed fellow who could also rock a bowtie.