December 30, 2015

our holiday recap

Let's see, I think we're probably up to Christmas, Part 5. 
We've dined with friends and family, given presents galore (and received some good ones too), visited and still have visits left to make and it's not quite 2016 yet.
It's been rainy and gloomy nearly every day but the cold is slowly creeping in and that makes me happy.


My cotton snow has held up well, only one "flake" has fallen onto the table. The other night, a friend who is a graphic designer walked in and said: oh, you've made it snow in the dining room, I love it, and I was tickled.


K is recovering from his surgery - that's the surgeon's initials under the bandage. I forgot that he does that - I had an MP on my thumb for weeks. His stitches come out on Tuesday and we'll see what's what. We're hopeful that all will be well, of course, and have no reason to assume it won't be (there is a small failure rate on the surgery he had).


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That's the fellas enjoying either some of the delicious Christmas Eve leftovers or some of the delicious Boxing Day leftovers. Hard to tell.
Here's my "most liked 9" for 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 9.43.55 AM


There's been some homemade bacon - so you know that K is doing pretty well physically.


I've spied this stylish lady on the train for years and she seems to have gotten my favorite headphones for Christmas. She always has a great haircut and she's making me re-think my ruling against black Uggs. (I need new Uggs but it always seems to me that the black ones, which would be my first choice, fade to an unattractive blueish hue.)


The CEO gave me some Oban as a gift...tonight I think I'll share.


I had some lovely moments with my tiny cousin at a party...


and complete hilarity with her mother. Over a pie. And its provenance. I cannot even.


So, for now, the tree is still up, we await a lobster delivery, and have no real plans for new year's eve, or even the new year. 2015 wasn't especially kind to's hoping 2016 is easier for everyone.



jo said...

really enjoy your instagram

kmkat said...

Homemade bacon? I never knew there was such a thing. But I suspect it is fabulous.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy 2016 back at you!
Your digs look so cozy and festive. The snow garland, the lights, the cocktail...

Duyvken said...

That's a beautiful dining table and the snow is spectacular. Wishing you all well

Scot said...

2015 was kind of a crappy year, but we all survived it and hopefully come out a bit stronger. Here's to 2016! May we all NOT need so much fortitude to prosper and gain wisdom.

Amy A. said...

Happy New Year, bb. I do hope your 2016 is filled with a lot of good and none of that 2015 nonsense. (I wish the same for me, too).

Paola said...

YAY for Instagram!
I won't say a word about the new year.
I've topped that.
Let's continue our daily dose of life, love, laughter, food, family, health and friends.
I truly miss the chance to hug you in person though.

Aimee said...

i want to follow you on insta, bb!