Middle and Oldest went last night

K had some surgery yesterday - performed by our fancy hand/wrist surgeon.
It went very well, though it was a very long day.
Meanwhile, two of my fellas went to see Star Wars at our local movie house...I can't wait to hear if they liked it! (How could they not?!)

I'm off work till Monday to help K and do our final holiday push...wrapping, meal planning, finishing the decorating, making food gifts for my co-workers.

More later...


Paola said…
He better use the fancy schmanciest top notch surgeon as his hands are PRECIOUS.
Big fat HUGS to him and you.
Unknown said…
Oh, best to K! Hope all is well for Christmas!
kmkat said…
Best to K -- take care of him, and I wish him a speedy and uneventful recovery.
Anonymous said…
Here's to speedy healing.

Here's also to seeing Star Wars. We just got back and it was wonderful.
Duyvken said…
G saw it a few days ago and J and Mr Duyvken are going to see it today. G can't wait for them to go so they can talk about it. Meal planning here too, what are you cooking for Christmas?
Anonymous said…
Glad the surgery went well.
We saw it the day after Christmas and it WAS SO GOOD.
I would go again.
I'm thankful no one spoiled it for us.