I've promised Oldest pancakes

My Sunday:

Middle found yet another nearly-microscopic shard of glass on the kitchen floor, with his foot, last night, so I vacuumed and mopped.

I did my best to clean both bathrooms despite not having a couple of required items as well as breaking my mop.

I have washed Youngest's very favorite black fuzzy blanket. Yes, everyone does their own laundry (and we have a carefully choreographed schedule for who has custody of the washing machine and when) but this blanket requires adult washing supervision.

I have accepted delivery of nearly 1000 cotton balls and have a plan for our holiday decorations

I have filled out many pages of inscrutable insurance forms.

I've done my own laundry.

I blew my hair dry differently (I have a new haircut) and now look like a Playmobil person.

I made quinoa salads to take to work.

Finally, as I am in charge of dinner, I am making pancakes as per Oldest's request.


Scot said…
I've been sitting here wondering what to make for dinner. Pancakes sounds good. I hope I have some blueberries, if not I know I have some chocolate chips!---I really need to go shopping!
1000 cotton balls? Have I ever told you that I can't hold a cotton ball? They totally CREEP me out! They have an internal squeak that, even writing about it makes me uneasy. I have to use pliers to take the cotton out of a new bottle of aspirin. UGH!
Your weekend sounds similar to mine. We celebrated Mr. Pom's birthday on Sunday instead of Monday and it required beef beef beef. Happy Birthday Middle!
Paola said…
It's been a VERY LONG weekend here as today it's holiday. You'd be happy to hear I have just been cleaning, washing, ironing, hanging, straightening out, baking, cooking ... and so on and so forth ...

It's not FAIR!

Pancakes for dinner sound just delicious.

A thousand cotton balls just freak me out right now.