It was an epic holiday.
K's extended family assembled in Virginia to celebrate with his dad on the farm.
We came from three different points, driving many many hours and were well fed and had a wonderful time.


I made three desserts: a brown sugar pound cake, a gingerbread, and a Crack Pie, and, though they each looked a little bit dark to me, they turned out! They were delicious.

K made sausage and Canadian bacon and breakfast yesterday.


I think that's Chorizo.

And then we drove and drove and drove...


But we made amazing time! The trip took six hours going and 6.5 coming back. (It has, in the past, taken 9 or 10.) And we all behaved and kept ourselves entertained. iPhones are wonderful things.


It's beautiful on the farm. We walked outside to see the cows, to see the stars, to see the moon.
The men worked splitting logs, the women sat around laughing. We all took turns cooking and washing up and trying to be useful. We sat with wine and cheese playing Snaps, we laughed hard and often.

We orchestrated several photo ops with the cousins.


The cousins, who, not only complied and posed when told to, but cleared tables and helped with cooking and assisted those older who required assistance, and were genial and fascinating company. Spending a few days in the company of people between the ages of 15 and 30 was far more fun that I had anticipated. It was wonderful watching them interact, often collapsing in laughter at the kind of things only they could share. They were delightfully fun and funny and we took an absolutely amazing photo of the bunch of them posing on their granddad's tractor.

And then we all packed up and took our long rides home sharing our memories in the car and smiling at the photos.
Truly a holiday trip to remember fondly.


Anonymous said…
It sounds swell--like the getaway you needed.
Glad the pies turned out.
Just lovely! I am enjoying all the cousins more know when they span from 16 to 31 more than ever. Especially when they make us play games like Heads Up.
Paola said…
I love reading about family gatherings. I grew up here with very little of that. All my dad's family is in NY and my mom only had one brother living in Rome and not too close to her, sadly. My only brother enrolled in the military when I was 11 so ...
Well, thank you for sharing it.
Chorizo and pies look yummy.