I've been off work for a while now. I'm feeling lazy.
I'm doing laundry today AND I'm attempting to make some quinoa bowls to bring to work for lunch next week. I'm pretty useless when it comes to making lunches to take to work but I do have some recipes to use as inspiration. We shall see. (I am flush with pride over my dessert triumphs.)

Meanwhile, I have actually begun my Christmas shopping. I'm half panicked/half excited. I've decided on what I'm hanging from the dining room ceiling (garlands, as I do each year) and my SIL pointed out an excellent shopping guide for gifts for the boys: something they need, something to read, something they want, something to wear. I'm hoping this plan meets with everyones approval as I think we need some rules this year.

Here, my friends, are some links to check today.

Despite my hoping for Christmas rules I have a case of the wants....

I like this bathing suit, which it is not nearly time to order but which I am intrigued by and feel the need to bookmark for future reference even though the sizing is somewhat inscrutable.

Or this parka which I have an itch for and which is totally on sale because CyberMonday. Yes, I do own a parka which is absolutely laborious to wear. I can barely walk in it. AND I have a long down coat too, which I have worn TO DEATH and now hate. I swear I would donate both of them to Coats For the Needy or somesuch.

For those following along at home I now have a wish list on Amazon. Some of the things I need, some I want, some are to read and some are for wearing.

My True Personality Color? Shocking, I know.

Shhh...I'm shopping for birthday presents for my NIECE. I love shopping for her.

Do you love Bittman? I do.

And, just as I fall in love with Raf and his work, he quits!

Traditional anniversary gifts from memory.

I am almost tired of seeing/hearing/reading about Adele. I do like her.

People returning to blogging. An awfully nice thing as sometimes it feels like I'm out here on my own.

Happy Sunday to you.


Anonymous said…
Ah, the links.
I have woeful lunches every day. Sandwich. Yogurt. Piece of fruit. *sigh*
That ocean post was really beautifully written.
We're toning down the gifts here, too. We're also asking the boys to tell us each one thing they want to GIVE--to anyone, anywhere. I feel like we've slacked on teaching them gratitude.
fifi said…
Hello, how very nice of you to link me to your blog!

I haven't even considered christmas shopping! I find it such a dreadful ordeal. I will try and get more organised this time....
Paola said…
So, I couldn't figure out what your true colour is ...
FYI they're butchering Adele on social media in Italy, it's gotten out of hand.
We stopped gift giving years ago.
We simply go somewhere together (if we CAN!) and have fun (if we manage).
Poppy B. said…
I've started Christmas shopping because everything has to be mailed to New Hampshire, and if anyone is going to mail a package at this time of year, let it be the stores and not me. Also, if I mail to NH, NO SALES TAX. Sorry about that, Illinois. #notreally