So, I've been searching for a blouse to wear for Thanksgiving and my company's holiday party.
Today I went out to poke around and look for one. I want something long-ish, with a collar of some sort and I want to wear it under this, which I already own.
So, shoppingshoppingshopping and not finding anything.
(Sidenote: I have been wearing these since last weekend as my new prescription is being put into my round glasses. Today I realized that I'm all out of whack! Everything feels funny as I cannot see properly and, for a little while, I thought I was sick - but NO, it's my OLD glasses.)

My next step was to begin searching on line.
Gap = nothing.
Old Navy = nothing.
Mod Cloth = who am I kidding?
H&M = nothing.
Zara = maybe.

But can we talk for a moment about the Zara site?
I've never actually had a successful purchase from their website and I think we can see why.


What's going on here?
Nothing fits AND she looks drunk.
Where's her other earring?
Did she tie a shirt around her waist (instead of wearing it) and then put on a sweater?
So many questions.


Same trousers, same shirt around the waist, add a sweater and a jacket for a slightly more alert look.


What? WHAT??


Oh, for the love of....all I want is a blouse.


I don't think she feels well.


Annnd, I'm done.


Paola said…
HAHAHAHAHA. So just pick up any shirt, tie around your waist and slap the jacket on top!
Memories of those frames ...
kt said…
BAHAHAHA sullen, lanky ladies in outsized shlumpy togs- LOVE
Poppy B. said…
I blame J. Crew. I think they really started something with their crazy combos and sullen-looking models. Have you ever noticed the disconnect between their online pictures/catalog and the actual store? I can flip through the catalog and see nothing, but when I walk into the store I can find tons of cute things. It's like they don't want anyone to know how normal and wearable their clothes are. Because FASHION.

I'd try a Zara store. We went there first when Miss Buxom needed white blouses and black skirts for a choir trip, and their office-y basics were great and very good quality for the price. Of course, subsequent visits resulted in the white jeans covered in gold studs and the blouse covered in green parrots, but still, I wouldn't dismiss it because of their ridiculous internet photographs.
Anonymous said…
Wow. That really looks unappealing.
Funny how image can make the clothes look awful.