links for Friday

That was fun, wasn't it?
I love a good movie ending. I could probably post more of them...we'll see.

In the meantime, I have a bunch of links open that I thought I'd share.

I didn't have my eyeglasses this past week (long story, not resolved) and, so, was unable to watch television which was fine as I found wonderful things to watch on my laptop.
I binge-watched all the episodes of this and really liked it. It's sweet and sad and funny.
But THEN, I watched this -

which was absolutely EPIC. I cannot say enough good things about it.

Are you Christmas shopping? I am not. Not yet. But I am paying attention to things that might be good gifts.

Have you seen this Florida teacher and how he starts his day?

Some behind-the-scenes movie info. Fascinating.

Oh, so expensive, oh, so nice. I really do want a backpack. For grown-ups.

I've still got a bum knee. Going to the doctor on Tuesday.

Of course, it's Dutch.

McSweeney's favorite of the week.


Anonymous said…
It's been A DAY. Your links made it a lot better. Plus, Wes Anderson. Thank you.
Paola said…
Your links. A mix of, um, life and beauty splashed with real feelings and your magic touch. Special.
susan f. said…
THANK YOU for the recommendation of Dior and I. Just watched it and LOVED it. Breathtaking!
Anonymous said…
LOL, of course it's dutch. my mother in law would love that. It could replace her bread technique for getting the last bits out of the jar.
And the Dior film looks amazing.