the last night: Germany

I seem to be watching a program about a pet chiropractor. Of course it is in German, so I'm not positive. A great big man with a strong, deep voice, re-aligns big dogs and tiny dogs. He has a jolly laugh and seems to love his work. People line up with their pets to see him. I'm certainly not an animal person but I find myself somewhat transfixed.

Today was my last day of work. It was crazy for a while but I managed to remember everything. I have my fingers crossed that we get our office supplies back (one never can tell with international shipping it seems) but, all in all, it was a good day.


Taxis. A sea of taxis. I only took a few this week. Pleased that I am finding my way on foot.


Scarves. A sea of scarves.
I walked home behind this flock of veiled ladies. Each had a beautiful silk scarf. Gorgeous.


I've seen some wonderful cars parked near my hotel. Look at this amazing bug! I wish I could have heard its engine. I love the way old VW's sound.


I went back to my hotel, did some packing. It's been cold and cloudy - not that I mind.
I walked around the mall a bit and now that I've seen this -

I'm disappointed that I didn't visit the Calzedonia store. It looks like they have great things.
Who knew?

To honor an old staff tradition, I went to the Marriott for a burger.


Not especially good, but one does what one can on a Sunday night in Germany.

I'm away tomorrow morning - very early.
I'd like some nachos and some vegetables and some pasta, please...and to see my boys, for whom I've bought all kinds of strange candy.

The animal chiropractor is working on a donkey now - just so you know.


Anonymous said…
Believe it or not...I had Nachos planed!

See you soon.
kmkat said…
I had a 66 VW bug. My dad commented that it sounded like a misaligned eggbeater.
Susie Sunshine said…

Your Germany days sound so interesting, but I understand the allure of nachos with the family.

Safe travels, sunshine.
Scot said…
What part if Germany are(were) you in?
Paola said…
You ust need to think what you'd like and superK will know! I love you two!
My old boyfriend used to drive a teal blue convertible Bug. Noisy but chic.
Why you would watch German TV is beyond me.
Calzedonia uh?
Anonymous said…
Whoa--a pet chiropractor? Crazy!
Anonymous said…
OMG are you home yet? This is important because I may just randomly get on a plane and show up in New York.

We take Oliver to the chiropractor on occasion. Not a pet one tho - a human one who likes dogs. He comes back adjusted and spry, considering he's 12.