my suitcase is packed

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post in Germany - I'm scheduled to have long days and some evening events to attend.
It's going to be cold there. I'm pretty excited about that. Okay, maybe not winter cold, but cool. I've packed sweaters. (Aren't I a thrilling read?)

In the meantime, two boys have been playing this.
They were in my dining room but moved downstairs for a more complete experience.
I've watched a few rounds and marvel at their calm orderliness while I have an anxiety attack.
Watch the pros play here.


I arrive Monday.
I need to go here.
And here for supplies.

Wish me a safe flight!


Gill said…
Don't forget DM. You might enjoy their bathsalts ;-) the variety for aching limbs and muscles is great, the one for joints good too.
Anonymous said…
Travel safe!
You people always find the best things. That game looks like a real hoot!
Susie Sunshine said…
Pleasant journey! We'll miss you this side of the pond.
Amy A. said…
Safe flight!! Have so much fun. :)
Paola said…
I love when you're in Europe. I hate that we can never meet.
NorahS said…
Have a lovely trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!