my bag is not packed


(The perks of being the party planner.)

I'm off to Germany this weekend. I have lots to do before I go and will be working hard but loving it.
I've had a request to bring mayonnaise in a tube back for a co-worker so I'm looking forward to a trip to the supermarket and the DM (the Duane Reade of Germany) to buy toothpaste or soap. I love shopping at those kinds of stores in foreign places.

Not much has changed chez Bird. K has had a couple of small jobs but they have not changed the landscape of what is happening. Middle and Oldest chug along with their respective freelance work and Youngest is deep into senior year. He had a huge presentation yesterday and it went well, so I'm hoping he has some time to breathe.

I've put away the summer things and unearthed my beloved boots.


I think, because I was all Lyrica-ed up, I don't remember much about last fall. I managed the trip to Germany, I was pretty tired during it - but the details escape me.  I'm going with a slightly different crowd this year and I could really go for a big beer.


I've made the first apple thing of the season - a crisp I found on line which involved making a sort of caramel sauce that got poured over the apples. And the crispy part was on the bottom AND the top.
It was pretty swell.

We had dinner at the archery friend's home with a big gang - loads of fun and some of this....


which was awfully good. A new favorite (not that I can afford it).

We've had a couple of great autumn storms and I thought we might escaped unscathed - then this happened.


And just when I thought: well, that's not too bad...


this fell right in front of my car as I was running out for some cold medicine.
It was huge!
And took two to move it.


Good picture, eh?

Finally, K took 1st Place in the USA Archery National 3rd Quarter Virtual Tournament in the Adult Novice Division.
You'll need to email him if you require clarification.
I'm still trying to figure it out myself - and I'm not even on Lyrica anymore.


Paola said…
Crisp on the bottom AND the top. Inneresting.

K came in first. Period. YAY!
Duyvken said…
Please pass on my congrats to K. What a thing!
I love those flowers. I think whites and greens are my favourite combination.
Send me crisp. And bratwurst.
Drinks week after you come back?
Scot said…
Anonymous said…
Wow! Congratulations to K on his archery accomplishments.
Those flowers are lovely and I hope your trip is full of every good thing.