there's been a break in the heat

I'm here.
I am here.

It's less hot. You follow me? Less.
I was very busy at work this week. Many projects and plans. (That's a good thing.)

For a while, this week, I thought I wanted a backpack to use on my work trips this year (and by "this year" I am always referring to school years, strangely) but, after tremendous research I have decided what I really want is a coat that is not a puffy coat. Things being what they are, neither object will be purchased but that's what makes scouring the internet delightful. I fill shopping carts wherever I go and never click submit. It makes me happy.

I've been completely addicted to the Brigitte Fontaine song on the surfing video. I've had it looped on my phone for days and adore it.  There is no real English translation of it. It's meant to be in French and sounds the way it does because it is French. Love it.

Here are some other things:

K has some small video work this week. My anxiety shifts slightly - and I am grateful.

Here's Middle's work - the first day of the schmancy road trip he shot. He rode, that day, with the fellow in the hat and scarf, who had requested him. I like that. He can be seen several times, riding shotgun with his camera.

This coat? Maybe?

We lived downstairs from these people when the kids were little.  It all makes sense now.

Jen covers The Queen. This queen loses in an upset.

I'm still loving Sadie.

We didn't make it to the Cape this year but we will still put together an order here. Great stuff, terrific prices.



Happy Saturday.


The H&M coat if the fabric is good quality, I'd buy it in a second. Gorgeous color and style. COS - pfft - so expensive!
Angela said…
That zip coat is divine. And a POUND of chai for less than $10? I think I just fell in love.
Finally, I believe I would like to hang out with the scarf/hat guy...
Duyvken said…
That video isn't available to people in Australia. Why the World Wide Web has geographic restrictions is beyond me. I love online window shopping. Very satisfying indeed.
Anonymous said…
Oh, ze French. Everything they do seems superior.
It is wonderful how your son is doing work he loves and the pride you all feel in it. I've driven through Loveland Pass. Great scenery!
Thanks to you, that SOB song is my earworm for the last two weeks.
I laughed hard at the video of the upstairs neighbors. We lived below, too.
Scot said…
Great video Middle! I've driven Loveland in a Datsun 280Z and a Triumph Spitfire. The Datsun handled better that the Spitfire on those tight mountain curves. I can only imagine what a Porche would be like.

That is a very strange song. You know how I feel about French singers, there is only ONE I care for (OK maybe 2 or 3)but Mylene Farmer rules all! I have this dvd of her Stade de France tour. It's incredible! I would so like to see one of her stadium shows! When I win a bazillion dollars in the lottery we'll all go!

Made a cheese cake today, gotta go buy some dark chocolate to "Lace" the top!

Liam Dutton certainly looks proud of himself, as well he should! Could you imagine writing that down as your return address on a post? Fuck that, I'd move!