I need summer to be over

I want to stop wearing the ten outfits that work in 90+ degrees.
I want to wear boots. And socks.
I want to not be sweaty when I arrive at the office.
I want to wear a scarf.

I think I mentioned, on Instagram, which I am enjoying as it doesn't demand too much from me emotionally, that this is our second bad summer. Temperatures dropping to the 70's would be helpful.

This fall I am:

coordinating an out-of-state office party
going to Germany
becoming involved in our office move in a more official capacity (I'm working on that one)

But also: Mary is coming to visit...I cannot wait to meet her.  And, right after I get her husband to rub my wallet (or SOMETHING) we are going to do some fun NYC thing. Eat or shop or SOMETHING.

It can be difficult meeting people you've only known online. We think we know each other but we may not, not really.
A very long time ago, before I went to my first BlogHer convention I drew up a list of things for people to know about me before they saw me - because no one has really seen me.
It went something like this:

I am short - you needn't mention it. I know I am short. This doesn't necessarily mean I am small, that's sort of different, though my feet are small and my glasses are small and my hands are small, I'm not really a small person.

This is my natural hair color. I'm not sure it's possible to have a colorist make hair this color. Mine grew this way.

I have many opinions - don't worry about it, though, I'm not outspoken about them unless you seem open to hearing them.  If you are, I'm a straight-shooter. No bullshit. I try not to be mean.

Which brings me to: I don't like conflict. I shy away from people who do. You aren't going to get me to spar with you on political topics or religion. It's just not my way conversationally.

Yes, I do wear black all the time, even when it's hot outside. This is a given. Don't be surprised, don't tell me I'd look better with a "little color," it's my uniform. It doesn't mean anything.

I know a little bit about a lot of things. If I don't know about something, I'll tell you.

I'm a great friend, a really good friend, and a formidable adversary. I haven't spent a lot of time dealing with being adversarial lately. It's easier for me to ignore you.

I think Mary and I are going to get along just fine.


Susie Sunshine said…
So jealous of Mary, and not because of the lottery windfall!
Duyvken said…
That is a great bullet point intro, BB. I loved meeting you, it was one of the highlights of my NYC visit. My mum is short but not a small person either, I know exactly what you mean when you say that.
I have met a lot of people in real life that I originally met online. I have never had a bad experience.

This is my first summer in Florida (9 years!) that I am uncomfortable. I like it in the 90's but we have had at least 30 with the heat index over 100 degrees. I don't enjoy melting when I walk the dog.

You have some interesting things going on this Fall!
alice c said…
Mary is wonderful. We met when she visited London in the spring and had lunch with a mutual friend. I can't wait to hear all about your meeting. Give her a hug from me.
Anonymous said…
Wrong Mary, Alice -- unless I've blanked out a significant portion of my life? (Having said that, I'm open for lunch in London anytime!)

Thanks BB. I won't mention your height if you don't mention the furrowed frown line right in the middle of my forehead! Can't wait to spend time with you in NYC.
I have met you twice and I didn't come away with any sort of "small". Rather grand, really!
Paola said…
I don't know how people would ever think of the adjective "small" to be paired with your persona.
You are such an amazing person. Lucky me, I have met you. And your lovely men.
Crazy Mom! said…
Can Mary's husband rub my wallet too?

Have a GREAT time!
Anonymous said…
The way you describe yourself is exactly like I imagine you.
How cool is that?