as promised

It was a big, big week - and I didn't even see the Pope.
Monday and Tuesday were "work as usual" though it's getting cold and I even wore my trench coat one day (thrilling).
But, on Wednesday, I got a haircut - not a big deal, I know, but when money is tight (and it is) and you wait months for a haircut and you trim your own bangs and you start pulling it into awful-looking ponytails, a haircut becomes a big deal.
So, got the haircut, felt like a new woman and walked a couple of blocks to meet Mary and her husband Chuck. 
I'm always a little nervous when I meet someone from the internet but this time my knees were shaking...or it could have been walking up four flights of stairs to get up to the HighLine where we met.
I've got to say that it was just about perfect. They were really lovely, funny, fun people and I could have spent a day - or two with them. K will like them when we get a chance to meet again.
We had some lunch in a great restaurant, but started with cheese - all of the cheese, as Chuck specified to the waiter. This was just one of the high points.


I happily ate the cheese, and the olives and "all of the meats."

We walked and chatted and they gave me a cab-lift uptown. (Where I ran into RHNY Sonja.)
I smiled all the way home that evening - because of Mary and Chuck and how nice and funny they were, not because of Sonja. And I'm really hoping to have a chance to see them again.

We Peanutized ourselves at work last week.
Here's me:


I'm not happy with that bow on my dress, but the rest is pretty accurate.
Here's Youngest, also accurate:


Then, on Wednesday, I drove into town pretty early and picked up a co-worker and we headed up to Massachusetts. We wended our way, stopped for breakfast, did far too much work-talk and arrived at our beautiful locale where I had planned a corporate event.


In the meantime, while I was making things pretty and working with the caterer, 60, or so, other people from all around my industry were coming from all over to attend our party.
And it was a great party - everyone had a wonderful time and people enjoyed meeting each other and there was karaoke...which I don't do but which the guest of honor really loves and which many of those on my team are very very good at.
One fellow, dear to my heart, opened with my theme song.


I know it appears under-attended - but it was not - we were just standing back in awe.

And then...well, I can't really say more than: an unlikely pairing, an unlikely song, a deliriously wonderful outcome.


I went back to the hotel to set up an after-party. I missed the Inventory Control Group doing Sweet Caroline...but, you know, things happen.

Eventually, all 24 of my team were together at the hotel with wine and snacks, having a really special time together.


We laughed and were loud and had one of those times that bonds co-workers.
It was very special.

I got to bed after one (am) and had a hard time sleeping. We were all a little bleary at breakfast and, after a detour to drop someone at the airport, I had alone time in my car for the day, which I liked. A nice change.

It was a great event - I was happy to be home.


NorahS said…
Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful event.
Anonymous said…
I can't--nay, I won't--get over the fact you saw Sonja right after we were discussing RHONY.

Chuck, in reference to you, used the word delightful. This is not a word he uses often.

I found you beyond delightful. We had such a nice time with you!
Duyvken said…
All good, all of it. That work event looks like so much fun.
kmkat said…
Tainted Love, one of my favorite songs. I was chair-dancing along with your folks on stage.
Paola said…
I thought you had put that pink bow just to tease us.
Meeting people you know over the web can be scary. But not here.
Your events are always flawless.