the week in meals

Youngest has been enjoying a wonderful Ninja blender gifted to us.
Sometimes it's protein shakes, sometimes it's a can of soda and lots of ice.

Ice pops have been appreciated too -- I haven't had ice pops in years. These have a kind of chemical taste and come in unnatural colors, which transfer, indelibly, to our tongues. Still good, though.

It was a banner week in food at our house. Requests were made, lifelong dreams were fulfilled.


That's pastrami. Days in the making, it was a dream to eat. K didn't start from scratch - he bought a corned beef but it was still a huge undertaking and absolutely delicious.

Middle requested this -


Roasted smallish peppers stuffed with chorizo, rice, goat cheese and herbs.
Amazing. I'm fairly certain the recipe he provided was sourced from Reddit.
Lots of our table talk starts on Reddit.
(They don't need me to link to them.)


Our cherry tomatoes are coming along fairly well and we bought some to supplement a recipe I'm doing tonight from watching Nick Stellino (fast forward to four minutes if you're interested). Do you ever watch him? He's a little bit adorable with his vessels and instruments and verbal flourishes.

Meanwhile: the refrigerator?




Paola said…
MIddle has a fine palate, doesn't he? That dish he requested sounds delicious.
Homemade pastrami.
I am running ut of adjectives to describe K.
We have the same jug in the fridge. :)
And BOY am I happy it is still cooperating.
Anonymous said…
You people don't eat, you FEAST.
Crazy Mom! said…

Keep those B's happy!

I made the most yummy cauliflower gratin with orange cauliflower - yum!!

And I'm loving urban life.