I am on vacation.
Did I mention that?
It is not at all relaxing, I can tell you that.
When I dip my toe into the office email because of time constraints and such, I'm told by my co-workers that I should be relaxing.

Some links while I relax...

I thought I liked this shoe as I could use a comfortable black flat/wedge that is a little dressy. Two things put me off: the texture and the middle-aged woman factor. I'm not buying anything, or maybe I will eventually, but this is more like it.

Sadie Stein. Wonderful stuff.

I think I'm making this for the Friday night pasta challenge.

Are you good at salad dressings? I am decidedly not. Not even at purchasing them.

One of those huge, open-spaced, communal work space companies have moved into the floors below my office. This sums up their decor perfectly.

Still loving these reviews of the weather.

I definitely remember the jingle but had no clue the visuals were so absurd.


kt said…
Love Orangette.

I'm also staycationing; recuperating from leaving the girlie at college in CA, listening to the osprey-teens in the neighborhood calling and bragging to their folks as they learn to swoop about, feeling my blood pressure rise when work tries to contact me, snuggling with the kitty, and getting ready to go out for a yummy meal with my dear hubby & his folks. Busy week.
Wendy said…
The shoes wouldn't look middle aged woman on you. People will automatically assume that because you're wearing them, they're from someplace very chic/cool. At least that's what I would assume.
Anonymous said…
I am as awful at picking out shoes as I am at salad dressing. Which would explain why I don't have as many shoes as most women.

That woman's writing! Sublime stuff!

And that office space makes me kind of swoony. I'd love to teach in a creative-looking place like that. My classroom is a literal CELLBLOCK. Ugh.
Duyvken said…
I have been thinking about dressings lately because there was a vinaigrette recipe in Heartburn. I just need to buy the right mustard to try it out. I have a couple that I make (oj and mayo is a standard) but I am always looking for more.
Duyvken said…
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Duyvken said…
Caramelised balsamic, olive oil and pepper is my everyday dressing.
Duyvken said…
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Duyvken said…
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