Happy Birthday Oldest

We're having Croque Monsieurs and ice box cake at his request.
He's invited his grandmothers for dinner.
He's the most loyal, faithful, passionate friend and brother.
He works hard every day to be a good son.

He's our Star Wars fanatic, guitar-playing, tattooed man - and we love him.

At church, 2004.


Snorkeling with his brothers, 2005.

oldest drives

In his moke, 2006.


Waiting outside Target before dawn for a Wii for his brother, 2007.

Oldest and Youngest
Building a giant snowball, 2008.


I seem to be missing photos for a few years, but he is all of these things.

ink by Oldest

He does some sweet tattoo work. 2011.


He's always helpful if you need something moved, lifted, painted, fixed. 2012.


He's got some tattoos from his tattoo hero. 2014.


He's one of the hardest workers I know.

Happy day, Oldest - from all of us.



Wendy said…
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Wendy said…
Happy birthday, Oldest! My oldest turned 18 yesterday and Trixie hit double digits on Saturday.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Oldest!
Anonymous said…
Three cheers to Oldest! He shares a birthday with my favorite and only nephew, also a great person. Oldest takes the points for coolest though. Enjoy your celebrating!!


Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to him! Sounds like he is a champ of a guy and well-loved by everyone.
Duyvken said…
Happiest of birthdays to you, Oldest. Dinner with the grandmothers sounds so lovely.
Paola said…
Requesting Croque Monsieur. To share with the two grandmothers.
Gotta LOVE him!
Jen on the Edge said…
I always so enjoy your birthday posts for your menfolk. I hope they do too.

Best wishes to Oldest as he starts his new year.
Scot said…
Wow Oldest, Happy Birthday Man! Sorry I missed you real birthday, little under the weather here. Hope it was everything you wanted it to be...and more.