and, then, yesterday

I've been trudging off to work in the heat these last weeks.
You know how I hate the heat.


I trudge toward my car on the train.
I read my phone.
I slip quickly through the station for the subway (too hot to walk)


(It's ballerina camp season in my neighborhood and they are beautiful to look at on the subway.)
and then I trudge to get my coffee and go upstairs.

We've had a crushing disappointment regarding a job for K.
I've been stressed over it for months, actually, and now we know it won't happen.
It feels better to know, I have to say that, but we are, just a little bit, devastated.
All the hand wringing and late-night talks, all the prayers and wishes and hopes came to nothing.
I spent yesterday mourning it and now need to put it past me. I will put it past me.

But then, yesterday afternoon, the five of us were in the living room. The boys were sharing hysterically funny videos. We had wine with ice.

I looked around me and saw what I have.




Carol said…
I am sorry about the job for K and grateful for your blessings for all of you.
Duyvken said…
Recognising our blessings makes all the difference.
I am so sorry to hear about the job news. Work stress is not unfamiliar to us and it is so consuming.
That aside, I have to say your couch looks so comfy. So comfy.
marian said…
thank you for sharing your life with us all. I always say (as a fellow freelancer, self-employed type) that when a job falls through, it's making way for something better. Keep the faith!
alice c said…
I'm holding thumbs for you both. The last time that happened to us there was an unexpected twist a month later which resulted in a much better opportunity.
kt said…
Yup, I get it. Just got turned down for a job within my (not-loved) company in a smaller department which could have significantly improved my sanity. It means I have to find something OUT of that place, & I'm ok with that now. We are in Oakland and leaving the girlie at Mills tomorrow. So proud and completely terrified am I. Best to you and the entire flock.
Anonymous said…
I am sorry. But I am happy to read all the blessings you still count.
Anonymous said…
and even if you had nothing else, you have yourself, and youre awesome - Leweyb

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