a long list of movies to get you through a hot summer day

We like food movies. This one is bittersweet (see how I did that?).

Great cast, sweet story, why don't more women dress like Judi Dench?

Probably not Jean Reno's best work, but he's always worth watching.

See? Food movies. 

Not the best food movie - but a decent distraction.

So. Many. Versions. I can't help it - and I do have a hard time with Kiera acting with her jaw. I love this one. (Shut it off just after Donald Sutherland speaks his last line - the final scene, on the balcony, poorly acted was added later.)

This MAY become my new Love Actually.

I have mixed feelings about Rachel McAdams, but this is a good one.

Sometimes I like sci-fi. Go figure.

And I have a little thing for JT.


Why all the Anne Hathaway hate?

Now, the Gwyneth hate I kind of get. 

Her clothes! Their apartment!

Sigh. Richard Gere.

I like time travel movies too.

The scene in the bar.

Okay. I may have had a boss like this too.

Stay till the very end. It's Elvis Costello's crooning that puts it over the top.

Oooh. Brutal but good.

I don't know why people didn't like this. It's like a good old-fashioned war picture, as my dad used to call them.

A thrill ride. Totally anxiety provoking. But I still love it.

Stay for the bitter end of this one too. George Clooney is brilliant.

Fluff, but what a kitchen (it was a set).

Watch carefully. Decide for yourself about the ending.

Currently on Live Die Repeat at my house. I adore Emily Blunt in this and never really cared for her before. I want to know about her hair in this movie and I'm going to do some research.


Anonymous said…
About Time? I never heard of it, but that is some high praise. Must check it out. Actually, a lot of this list I never heard of.
Judi Dench is my imaginary Goddess of Aging and I plan to copy her playbook page by page, she always comes across as stunning in both her attire and her behavior.
Happydog said…
Yes to al of the above! Who knew we had the same taste in movies. And Edge of Tomorrow was rather enjoyable for a Tom Cruise movie.
Paola said…
I've actually seen many of these movies, and enjoyed them. One Day was fantastic. Who hates Anne Hathaway? Why?
Keira's jaw is a self acting device.
What's not to love about food movies!
Duyvken said…
Oh wonderful, I love movie decorations. We saw The Time Traveller's Wife years ago the the night after miscarrying and needing a d&c. It was not the right movie for that situation and it has coloured the way I feel about it now. I don't think I'll ever watch it again.
And yes, Judi Dench is so good and always dresses so well. I love her haircut.
Crazy Mom! said…
I love Elvis Costello - 'She' is a great song. And now I'm whistling it in my office....
Amy A. said…
I love About Time 1000 times better than Love Actually. It is so, so good.
Scot said…
I really liked About Time, it made me laugh like most Bill Nighy movies. If you're feeling iffy about Emily Blunt, watch The Jane Austin Book Club. Still one of absolute favorite movies. She's soooo good in it.
I also really enjoyed Best Exotic Marigold Hotel but haven't seen the sequel yet. Have you? It looks like it has one of those big Bollywood musical numbers in it and I don't care for that. I can't imagine Judi Dench doing a Bollywood number. What would her Bond fans think?