Where's MIddle now?

Middle is on a work trip.
He'll be riding in a schmancy car from Denver, Colorado to Napa, California and shooting the whole thing.
I've been reading about the Denver airport because it's fascinating.

As his mother, I felt obligated to get involved in his equipment list. I made him buy sunblock and bought him some of those electrolyte drops you add to bottled water.
(Middle doesn't do well in the heat.)
Middle is usually pretty good about sending me photos of him in schmancy cars, so I'm looking forward to some pictures.
I am especially looking forward to the Death Valley part of the trip - and most dreading the helicopters-over-the-Grand-Canyon part of the trip.

For now, I'm all la-la-la Middle's on a great adventure.
I promise to share.


Paola said…
Lesson nr. ?
I had no idea of what you were talking about and googled it.
Thank you.
Paola said…
I'd LOVE to do that ride, BTW.
kmkat said…
Lucky Middle!
Duyvken said…
PS thanks for the tip about reading up on Denver Airport. It really is fascinating. And weird. Very weird.