still recovering

I did go out yesterday but it may have been a mistake - I came home feeling pretty awful.

I'm resting, here are some lovely links for you...

I am STILL loving this.

Youngest taught me about The Running Of The Interns.  Now I love The Running Of The Interns.

I absolutely adore everything Lenka Clayton does. Every. Single. Thing.

Here's Roz Chast talking about Renaissance painting. It's pretty swell.

850 people graduated from the police academy last week...and THEN they all went downstairs to Penn Station with me.

This is some wonderful reporting.

Please move your cursor.

I heart Nick Stellino and his command of the English language. LOVE HIM.


Paola said…
Love your links. All the time.
I particularly loved what Stellino wrote, sounds like me, except I am still stuck here. I don't know who he is but I so share his thought.
marian said…
excellent linkage today!
kmkat said…
Emerson, Lake & Palmer's C'est La Vie came on my iTunes just as I clicked over to your blog. It's kismet, I tell you!
Duyvken said…
Oh I love the Dutchies.
DLG in Mich said…
Thanks for sharing The Running of the Interns with us. I'm the sponsor of our intern program at work and I've decided we need to make a spoof of this with our own summer interns. How can I turn down the chance to use the hashtag #BEASTMODE?
Anonymous said…
Those interns!
That cursor!
Hope you are mended by now.