I try so hard to sleep at night and I'm tired enough but the steroids won't let me rest.
I watch boring television or try to read. No wine for me.
The past couple of nights I've had nightmares when I sleep.
I tried soft scents to lull me, I tried focusing on the breath (which is just ridiculous when one has a respiratory infection) and backwards counting.
Three nights ago my phone woke me, buzzing about something on Facebook which I don't even post on.
The medicine makes everything taste funny. Fruit, tea, water - water is the strangest. It tastes very sweet and I'm not a sweets person.
I'm going to work tomorrow and then I'm off until Monday.
I went to the store today. One store. It was exhausting.
My fingers hurt. I complain a lot.


It isn't too hot out, though, so that's nice.


Paola said…
Life is very trying. Yesterday after a long search and wait I went to see an ear doctor. He carefully checked me and then looked at all my old papers. He told me it was not clear to him why my right ear had had a better result a year after I had the operation. On my left ear. (it was 1989, I was 23).
Then he told me I COULD have surgery to open my middle ear to see IF they can do anything, but it would be quite a risky operation to have wihtout any assurance anything COULD be done.
He concluded telling me I had a very bad luck and my hearing will only get worse.
I am officially deaf and can apply for papers to get a government assistance (like 90 years old people do ...)


You're not alone. Hang in there!
Anonymous said…
Poor you.
I am suffering a summer cold so I know exactly what you mean about the discontent that comes with feeling like crap.
kmkat said…
Sometimes life is like that (as you well know). This too shall pass -- although probably not a quickly as you might like. {{{hugs}}}
Mr. Pom just finished a course of steroids for his back. Let's just say that I was not that adverse to leaving for the Cape based upon his mood swings. Get better - all round!