I have a lot of time to read.

I'm still at home. I take naps and eat ice pops and have a headache.
I'm going to work on Monday, come hell, high water or heat - I'm sure it will be hot.

In the meantime, I've read a couple of blogs from beginning to end:
Reading My Tea Leaves, which I am not connected to in any kind of way
The Scent of Water, by Megan Young, who is internet friends with several of my friends.

I love finding a new-to-me blogger and reading them from the beginning - these two are very different and Megan's words really spoke to me.

At the other end of the (intelligence) spectrum, I'm watching QVC. I like to pick out some things and put them in my cart. I never buy anything but I feel like I am. If I watch long enough I want some of the clothing. If I watch longer I am shocked that I might have wanted some of the clothing. But makeup? Maybe.

Here's a random vest I want. Nordstrom, not QVC. I've been wanting a long vest since last fall and tried on a few in London. It needs to have some heft. Let us ignore that this one is from Cupcakes and Cashmere.

This is a great piece on pasta. I could live on pasta. This guy cracks me up. I would love, someday, to work at Food52. (Fear not, co-workers, I'm not going anywhere.)

Middle is shooting an epic road trip in a couple of weeks. A Lamborghini/Ferrari kind of road trip from Colorado to Napa, California. He'll be traveling through Death Valley! Of course, as his mother, I've had an actual meeting with him to discuss hydration and sunblock. He speaks responsibly about wearing sunblock and drinking water but I have SEEN him dehydrated and sunburned. He's not great in the heat, my Middle. I'm looking forward to some great photos.

Watch this great video of Indian beauty through the decades! Where did I find this? No clue!

How about Channing Tatum doing some adorable dancing? Yes, I did see Magic Mike. It made me embarrassed.

Finally, I was reading about Donna Karan retiring...or stepping down, as it were. I will admit that I used to visit her Urban Zen line at a store near my office. Thousand dollar cashmere sweaters feel lovely. The line is really gorgeous, but I feel like there's a disconnect when she talks about Haiti.
I'll need to do more reading - I'm not sure how Ms. Karan is helping.

How do you think you might reinvent yourself?
D.K.: The motorcycle diary. I really want to spend a lot of time traveling. My dream is to be on a motorcycle, on the back, and go to places that haven’t been sought out yet and work with the artisans. The thing I love about Haiti the most is Haiti has the health-care aspect, the educational aspect and the preservation of culture aspect. For me, Bali is my inspiration, always has been, always will be. My dream is to build a bamboo village in Haiti. I do believe in Urban Zen living very much. I have a dream for Urban Zen. You walk into the store and there’s cotton, cashmere, candles, CDs, café, all healthy food. You get upstairs and you meditate, do yoga, there’s a conference area. People come together who want to create change in the world. Then you disrobe upstairs and you get a Thai massage, acupuncture. Next door to that is a restaurant and living space upstairs. We don’t have to have a kitchen because you get it from downstairs. There’s a spa upstairs. People like myself are constantly on the go, so I need my acupuncture, I need my massage. I need all these things, and it doesn’t exist.
Sean Penn seems to be helping in Haiti...just saying.
Donna Karan giving 10% of a $395 candle holder back to a Haitian artisan seems a little off to me. 
I need my massage.

Is Ellen donating back does anyone know? 

See how I work? QVC/Donna Karan/Ellen Degeneres!


Duyvken said…
'He speaks responsibly about wearing sunblock and drinking water but I have SEEN him dehydrated and sunburned.'
I hope his trip goes well.
Megan from Scentofwater is wonderful. I always love reading her blog.
tut-tut said…
Howdy Blackbird. I'm trying blogging . . . sort of . . . again.
Poppy B. said…
Hello bird! I'm sorry to hear about your "nomia" (as Miss Buxom used to pronounce it.) Get better soonest! xxx
Anonymous said…
Good luck to that kid--that's a scorcher of a destination. We just hauled through South Dakota and it was 94, blazing sun and WINDY. Yikes.
Those two blogs are completely addicting. And what is WITH the people who can take the gorgeous photographs? What a gift. A gift I do not have.