July 23, 2015

That's Middle. At work.
He texted, today, that it was too hot for him to hike in the desert.
Unfortunately, he also texted this, yesterday.

He's been riding in a car with no roof panels.


And while he was here (Everything looks very Ansel Adams out here.) I was here.


K and I had a wonderful day at the beach.

We sat in the shade -


while Middle sat on the Loveland Pass waiting for them to stop blasting.


Today, I'm back at work and he's here.


I'm having an awfully good time watching the texts come in.



kmkat said...

Best of all, he's crossing the country in a Porsche!

Paola said...

What amazing landscapes! Sorry about the sunburn but nothing comes cheap, don't we know that.

Duyvken said...

Those photos are wonderful. The sunburn is not good. I look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing that he is wearing sunscreen and a hat.

NorahS said...

Love the Ansel Adams comment! Ha! Glad you had a day at the beach. I went last week and it was lovely.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

He is in majestic country. Glad you have the beach, though.

Wendy said...

That last photo feels like I'm moving in the car.