some links to browse this weekend

It's gotten hot in my city and no matter how much I think I'll wear all kinds of outfits, all I feel like I can really only manage are things like this.

When it does get cool again can you remind me to order a pair of these?

I feel overwhelmed. Isn't this the same as this and this? Sort of? I'm leaning more toward this.

And how does one even begin to navigate this world? I can easily say that I have never used natural products on my face. Never! I might be the wrong generation.

I seriously need something without wires. The wires, people, are killing me.

Sure, it's kind of a long watch, but this tart made Julia cry. Cry!

We've been having lots of fun putting dirty names on a Coke. Now you can too.

I bought some of this and it's very strange - but I've just heard that you have to use it for a month before it makes a difference. Do you have any experience with it?

One of the most honestly moving things I've ever read.

But, let's lighten up.

I'm loving looking at photos of wee Prince George.


Amy A. said…
Goodness! That essay. I'm afraid I'm only a few short years away, if that. I hope the crazy goes easy on me.
kmkat said…
For complete comfort, check out the Decent Exposures Un-Bra.

Re: Coke. I saw a cartoon with a Coke to share with Bruce, but Bruce was crossed out and Caitlyn substituted.
Duyvken said…
Wow, that essay...
Thank you for linking to it.
shadygrey said…
Ha! I have never not used anything natural on my skin. But then I am a bit of a hippy. My favourite in recent years is a manuka honey based range from New Zealand. The best thing ever for dry skin.
Paola said…
OH so that's why I feel the urge of stabbing myself at least 80 times a day!
Thank you for posting the cattle serenading or I wouldn't be writing now.
Oh that menopause essay.
I'm beyond it by 5 years but still found myself in "that section" of the drugstore because I'm having a little "procedure" on Friday that will require supplies I haven't bought in half a decade. I thought I was going to cry. Luckily my lovely daughter was with me and she picked out what I thought I would need.

Wee Prince George and his baby sister make me want to be a grandmamma...and my children assure me that it will be at least another 5 years before that happens.