I know I haven't written much - but I feel like I've had nothing to say.
Summer is settling in. It's getting warmer - but we have no real plans as K is waiting to hear about a project which will have a large impact on our time for the coming months.
I've been "power walking" to my office each day and doing sort of a modified 5/2 eating plan (although that link makes it seem so serious). I'm really just eating less, okay?
As I said to a friend: I spent three months resting last year, whilst K fed me delicious things. It shows.
Actually, it shows less. So there you are.

I hate the summer. Do you remember that? I hate the heat and the humidity - though I do like summer storms. We usually resist using our air conditioning until it is consistently over 85 degrees and, though it hasn't happened yet, it's been close.

I have so many tabs open on my laptop. So many links to share...I can't help it but I will update you first.

K: waiting.
Oldest: a few big tattoos this weekend, loving his new-to-him car. Seems to be doing pretty well.
Middle: has just been hired to travel cross country filming Ferraris, or Lamborghinis - I don't know which, but I will temper my worry over him being in fast cars with my worry over him in the desert (he doesn't do well in the heat).
Youngest: is about to begin working a few days a week doing graphic design for the summer.
Me: got the all-clear on what I think was my final post-accident test.

Now, the links...

Does anyone have any experience with this? Can I, at this point in my life, spend this kind of money on something like this when I still use chemicals of all kinds on the rest of me?

I've been busy researching accommodations for my boss and came across this ridiculousness.

While I admire the simplicity of these, I would walk right through them almost as quickly as I would find them unbearable to wear.

I may have posted this before but it is fascinating in a horrific kind of way. I cannot believe it - but I had to read it.

Imagine? IMAGINE? I cannot even.

We have too many small appliances, but this is probably a wonderful one to add to the group.

We lovelovelove these glasses...and we need more as we have broken about a dozen of them. (Although, truth be told, they are quite resilient and not as fragile as they look.)

I saw Eleanor the other day, for lunch and her dress, from here, was absolutely wonderful. Note to me.

Another note to me, about another Eleanor - might she like these? She reminisces about crab cakes with some frequency.

On my list of essential oils I'd like to try.

Amazing things I didn't know my phone could do. 

OMG. My laundry falls off the top of my dryer all the time.

The next time we need to buy towels I want to try these.

My sons always have great ideas for gifts for K...but these gifts are pretty swell.

If the commute wasn't 2+ hours I'd consider buying the Door 16 house.

K is shooting in a tournament tomorrow. I'll be doing laundry and ironing.
This is all the excitement I want/can take right now.

PS: I thank you all for your notes of encouragement and support.
You are the loveliest people and I'm thrilled to have you around.


kmkat said…
$1500+ for a pair of leggings? I can't even, either.
Have you ever been to Newburgh? There's a reason why they did all that work and the asking price is 5K over the purchase price.
Anonymous said…
Those sandals are straight up foot bondage.
Anonymous said…
That house!
Still crossing fingers for K.
Your sons do such interesting, creative work. You must be so proud.
I love summer. Living where I do I feel happy to sweat when it's muggy.