June 1, 2015

a day off

I've been working that trade show since last Tuesday.
Standing up.
So, I'm a little tired today.


These chairs were a good choice. Sure we had white and chrome chairs in the office that could have been shipped in, but they are hard, and heavy. I rented these and they looked good and felt good.




We managed celebrities and crazy people and security managing crazy people for days and days.
My co-workers were amazing and our space was inviting and pretty busy - a good thing.
Each day we re-merched and tidied up.
Finally, we packed it up and walked away last night.


We made a return trip to a bar we fell in love with last year and the whiskey was fine.


Today's plan: resting my feet.


I switched out my shoes all week/weekend but my Vans turned out to be my best friends.


Paola said...

You work hard, need to be pampered a little. Give yourself a treat!

kmkat said...

Book Con?

Scot said...

Silly Girl,
Vans are ALWAYS your best friends, except at the cash register, natch!