Tuesday = links

We heard a story about this on NPR last weekend. We're thinking of it as a present for Oldest.

BB King has died. K and Oldest saw him perform more than once. A legend before he was gone.

I'm not necessarily a fan, but it is fascinating.

I know at least one person in my house who would love this.

I love this.

We have an osprey family across the street, in the cell phone tower behind the police department. You can watch a different family here.

A good present for Middle. Youngest too probably. (It goes well with this lamp, which Middle has always wanted.)

Do you have a signature cocktail? I don't right now. I could go for a gin and tonic - I don't think I had any last summer.

My friend sent me this amazing list of shoe sites.

Mixed feelings.

I watched them make these on America's Test Kitchen last weekend and now I want them.

We only made it to the beach a couple of times last year and I had to wear long sleeves. And, so, my favorite bathing suit combination was born - a long sleeved rash guard and a bikini bottom. The most comfortable thing I've ever worn to a beach (besides nothing).

I want these. They are very expensive. They are sold out everywhere. Crisis averted.


izzyt said…
Did you get the idea for falconry from the review of H is for Hawk? I've started reading it and I am quite enjoying it.
Scot said…
If Oldest gets a falcon, ask him if he'll bring it over. When ever there's a raptor in the area the fucking squirrels stay hidden and OFF my lawn furniture. I hate squirrels, they're just rats with good PR and better wardrobe.
Plus, Falconry is COOL!
blackbird said…
He's not GETTING A FALCON. But he'd love lessons as he loves big birds.
Scot said…
Awwww common, buy him a falcon! He's been good.
blackbird said…
Scot is SO FUNNY.
KPB said…
Rats with good PR. I'm stealing that for line for bandicoots over here.

Scot IS funny.

Some thoughts - toothbrush maracas = hilarious. That guy was very endearing.

Those shoes are available in my size. No matter, they strike me as ridiculous.

I have a rule against handbags that are backpacks but I appreciate you walk walk walking to work would suit such a thing. If it must be then that one is quite nice.

You have to buy Oldest a falcon. Although what with K's archery and Oldest's bird disaster may be imminent.