this and that

It's been a busy week - and I took yesterday off.

First, I sent flowers to my physical therapist with a long thank you note.

Then I did a lot of running around.
I have a trade show to prepare for and it's getting down to the wire.
Lots of meetings and talking and figuring.
Fortunately, I love the people I'm working with.

We had yet another office celebration.

Paper flowers, sake and haikus hung from the ceiling.

And, this weekend, in between lots of archery, K and I are ferrying Oldest around while he looks for a new-to-him car...with some stops for special markets.

Only I would see this person and fall in love with her coat.

And where do monks buy their coats?
No idea.
Believe me, I've looked.


Duyvken said…
It really is a great coat.
Duyvken said…
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KPB said…
On behalf of our nation I apologise for that corned beef, chunky!, with juices! (gag).

Paola said…
Why didn't you ask? That was one heck of an occasion for you right there.
YEah that corned beef did sound pretty yucky so thanks for the confirmation Kim.
What a magnificent bouquet!