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Honest subway announcements.

We saw one of these yesterday, and one of these. We were on our way home with this.

Oldest's new car!
Purchased from the loveliest couple (it's dicey out there looking at used cars, I tell you) who were moving to Florida.
He's very excited as the windows work, the air conditioner is cool and it has a radio.

Are you ready for the beach?
I am not. I told someone last week that I spent last summer like a fois gras goose. I've been walking hard to and from the office and am determined to look better.


Long but funny - all trailers are the same!

We have ospreys across the street that sound exactly like this one.

Bono can't feel his hand - anyone in touch with him? Have him call me.


KPB said…
That nest looks really uncomfortable.
Paola said…
Congrats on the new car. It's close to the ones you linked. Baby steps.
Beach ready? No, I am never beach ready. Last year I went once adn I hid behind a giant rock so nobody could see me. Me getting undressed in public? No chance.
Can't you twit Bono and tell him a thing or two?
Women drivers. I've committed my life to prove that not all women are dumb drivers. They all know my driving around here ... enough said.
Anonymous said…
Sweet car!
I always find more horrible male drivers around here...not that I've taken any accurate count, though.
A beach. That sounds really nice.