photos! links! updates!

I have a long, long week ahead of me. I'm working straight through next weekend at a trade show and I need to plan all my outfits...and iron! But I'm sitting here procrastinating.


Youngest finished school, turned 21 and has spent several evenings out with friends.
He has joined the ranks of legal-age-whiskey-from-a-Ball-jar drinking young men


and is very good about letting me know when he is safely home.


Oldest and Middle text me if they aren't coming home or have missed the "drunk train" and I'm used to not waiting up for them. I'm still working on listening for Youngest - although it's only been a week.


The weather has been beautiful but it's never been cooler than 85 during this week of trade show work and I'm not ready!


I need gin and tonic!

Want some links?

This is historic. I am in love with this. And it's pink.
This one, in rosewood, is my head anyway.

I want, for next fall, a pair of high-rise jeans. I do.

Great lines from 30 Rock.

I had forgotten about Moment Junkie. It's a great site.

Sandals high/sandals low. I think I'm in the middle somewhere.

Convert, tag and listen. I've been looking for this FOREVER.

I've been watching lots of QVC and I want ALL OF THE THINGS.

I'm trying this.

Plans for the summer?
We don't know!
We need a couple of weeks to figure it out. Go ahead, start without us!


Irene said…
21???????? 21???????!!!!!!!!!!
Paola said…
All those links.
I am really impressed to notice that (although not so skilfully done) I've been wearing eye make up pretty much like your tutorial shows! Do you know that I hardly ever put anything on my face or read about how to do that?
Plans for the summer: work like a donkey until October 31st
Crazy Mom! said…
A rose scarf - BUY IT NOW!!!!!

It would look terrific with all your black. And grey. And some white.

Heading to London on business Sunday!
Scot said…
This evening the weather boy decided to tell us what we all already know. We have had 1 day, ONE DAY, without rain (and hail, mostly) in the last 6 weeks. The temperatures have been fine, mild even but I think I'm getting moldy! ...still waiting for spring!
Terese said…
Hi Blackbird
Love the photo of the limes and your devotion to Oldest, Middle and Youngest. My three boys in Sydney are doing well too. T
Duyvken said…
Oh, such lovely photos. Drinking whisky from a ball jar is, indeed, a rite of passage. The rose scarf would look beautiful on you.
Anonymous said…
the whiskey drinking must be done, musn't it?
That scarf is tremendous.
Yellowstone for us. Am searching for the perfect bike rack between blogs today.