notes from the commute


This suit was standing next to me the other day. It wasn't a very fine suit but the gentleman looked perfectly fine wearing it. Yet, somehow, I was thinking K would look ridiculous in it - and I can't put my finger on why.



Youngest and I gave up our seats for a pregnant lady and her husband. Whilst standing, we encountered this fellow. CLIPPING HIS FINGERNAILS ON THE TRAIN.
We glared.


I've been seeing this father and daughter every day, lately.


Voracious readers, I think she goes through a couple of books a week. Part of her is always touching him - her elbow, as above, her foot. They never look up, they look very much alike and they never speak.

I saw this beautiful lady twice in the same day.


I followed her for quite a while on my way to work and loved they way her clothes flowed around her. I struggled a little to try to see her from the front but never made it - she turned down a side-street.  Then, at lunchtime, I saw her again.


I quickly positioned myself to see her from the front but wasn't able to take a picture. The jacket/cardigan part was the best piece of the outfit. The white, flowy dress underneath had an elastic waistband that cut all that flowy fabric in half. Still gorgeous though.

I've been walkingwalkingwalking to and from work. Power-walking. I sure hope it helps.

Next week I am trapped in a convention center for a week, just a short walk from the train station.
I'll be standingstandingstanding.


Jen on the Edge said…
The father / daughter reading duo are adorable.

What is NOT adorable is public grooming, like Mr. Nasty Nail Clippers. Yuck.
Paola said…
I envy people who read, especially kids, I admire them.
Clipping nails in public. How is that even thinkable, let alone doable.
Been seeing some spam here lately ...
Anonymous said…
I especially like how the daughter/father are always in some kind of contact. That's such a sweet detail.
And yes to flowing elegance!
cyn said…
so strange..i was just here..had clicked on giant cotton scarves..was looking at rosewood and is gone...the link..but also the post...which as always was so very good