May 9, 2015

notes from the commute

The weather has been lovely. I do think we'll slide from winter directly into 80+ degrees of summer but the mornings have been cool and perfect for walking to the office. Or walking in my neighborhood - I've been walking.
I've been wearing my Vans and, when I remember, I cut down 28th street to see what's blooming.





I really wanted some of those lilacs but they were expensive and large and heavy.
Later that morning the CEO showed up with these.
For me.


I wish you could smell them.
And it wasn't my only present last week - he brought these too -

Ramps. From his, uh, ramp patch.
Delicious with pasta and oil.

Last night K was at archery so I got to walk home too...

I love this time before it's too hot to enjoy being outside.

Across from me, on the train, was a lady with a fabulous LV scarf. She was a wonderful distraction as the lady across from me was enjoying removing her tooth-cap and playing with it on her tongue. I thought she was eating a Lifesaver or gum and was horrifically transfixed when I realized it was her front/bottom tooth.
I really wanted to tell her to stop. We might all take a moment to think of how we look as we sit for a train ride.




Paola said...

So much beauty!
And then BAM ... the tooth ...eeeew

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those BLOOMS! Looks like a fabulous walk. We have lilacs beginning to bloom here, too, and I inhale over and over and over.
Ramps. Never tried them. I picked rhubarb today, though.

kmkat said...

As ai scrolled through your flower photos I was thinking about how that walk along 28th St must smell, with all those flowers. And then I saw the lilacs... and smelled them in my head.


Scot said...

The weather here isn't exactly "Spring" We've had lots of rain and hail, and yesterday evening it snowed! Unfortunately, the hail beat the crap out of the lilac bush next door. It looks so sad. I have one iris left - did I tell you it smells just like grape Kool Aid? Love, love, love sticking my nose into that flower!

Duyvken said...

Dinner and lilacs look amazing.