a note regarding flickr

I thought I'd mention (as I've now spent a day and a half trying to correct the situation) that in unveiling the new features at flickr my entire blog has been, well, fucked.
As my entire camera roll got sucked up into the system everything changed in minutes and many or most of the photos in my posts no longer appear on the blog.
I've tried the first two or three fixes I could think of and am digging deeper to find the problem.
At first glance it appears that the code has been changed on hundreds of my pictures.

Stand by.


Paola said…
Mamma mia!
Call K. STAT.
Scot said…
I really thought it was my computer trying to piss me off AGAIN!
Can't help but wonder if well fucked is better than totally fucked or just fucked up? :o)
Sorry, didn't have my glasses on and didn't see the comma.
I have a customer that works for a medical center here. She frequently say's "fuck me running", that's my new favorite fucking expression!
you have my permission to delete this comment - it's pretty fucking vulgar!
Duyvken said…
Oh wow, that is hugely frustrating.